Since we stopped having the daily prayer notes the situation in Australia has worsened – although still nowhere near as catastrophic as many other parts of the world.  Nonetheless the spread in Melbourne (and added lockdown) and the danger of this coming to other states is concerning.   We continue to pray.

Psa. 58:1-6    Do you rulers indeed speak justly? Do you judge people with equity?

No, in your heart you devise injustice, and your hands mete out violence on the earth. Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward, spreading lies.  Their venom is like the venom of a snake, like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears, that will not heed the tune of the charmer, however skilful the enchanter may be. Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; LORD, tear out the fangs of those lions!

I suspect that Psalm 58 is not one that many Christians hang on their walls or quote on their cards!  But the cry for justice and for the restraining of wicked rulers is an important theme in the bible.  Do you pray that the Lord will stop wicked men? You should!

“God is glorified in making us happy, and we enjoying happiness, must glorify God” (Sibbes)

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

1.The World   – The number of confirmed cases is 12,859, 834 (up over one million in one week) with 567,957 deaths of those with Covid (up over 35,000).  The US, Brazil, India and now South Africa are seeing greater growth than ever.   The UK has had a considerable drop and is easing out of lockdown.  

2. Australia –now has had 9,797 cases (up 1,348 in the past week) with 108 deaths (+4)

State Total Cases Weekly Change TW/LW Total Deaths Change in Deaths TW/LW
ACT 113 +4 3 0
NSW 3,478 +61 49 0
NT 31 +1 0 0
QLD 1,070 +3 6 0
SA 443 0 4 0
TAS 228 0 13 0
VIC 3,799 +1,263 24 +4
WA 635 +17 9 0

Apart from Victoria the vast majority of new cases are from quarantined travelers.  The government has decided to cut the number of people allowed back into the country by 50% and people now have to pay their own quarantine costs.

There are 67 people in hospital (+37) with 17 in intensive care (+13).   3,075488 tests have been carried out with 0.3% being positive. 

3. Vaccine and Cures – The World Health Organisation is now warning that it is likely to be two and a half years before Australia gets a vaccine – if there is one at all.   

4. Church – Many churches are reporting positive experiences of being back in their buildings.  However, many have also found that church without singing is missing something!  Pay the Lord enable us to worship him together in this new and strange circumstances.  

5.  Personal and Family – There are many who are separated from loved ones who with the increased restrictions are now not able to travel, visit or care for them.  As an example, forgive me for mentioning my own situation as an example.  My daughter is due to get married in the UK in December and it looks unlikely that we will be able to go.  There are many others in similar circumstances.  We are praying!

A Prayer of Repentance:   Almighty God, who called Luke the Physician, whose praise is in the Gospel, to be an Evangelist, and Physician of the soul; may it please You, that by the wholesome medicines of the doctrine delivered by him, all the diseases of our souls may be healed; through the merits of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord,   Amen.  (Book of Common Prayer)

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:   Lord, at a time of great uncertainty and worry we praise you that we can come to you in prayer.  We bless you that you are the Great Physician – that you heal our sinsick souls, and you will renew our bodies and restore your world.  We praise you that you as the just judge will deal with all the unjust rulers in this world.  We thank you that we are in your hands, not theirs.  Come, heal, restore, protect and renew us.  In Jesus name.  Amen.