Romans 1:24-25  – “Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another  They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator – who is forever praised.  Amen“

It is an extraordinary thing that humans do.  We worship the created things rather than the Creator.  We exchange the truth of God for a lie.  The worst punishment God could give us – is to give us what we ask for.  He says ‘have it your way’ and gives us over to our own sin and appetites.  Sometimes it is only when we see how much of a mess we make of things that we will then turn to the Lord and ask for mercy.  We may have forgotten him  – but he does not forget us.

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

1.Australia – It has in general been a good week in Australia – the number of cases in Victoria has continued to fall – with the last couple of days showing less than 200 per day.   NSW has had a whole week of single digit figures.  Queensland has seen nine new cases – mostly from one youth prison facility.  Every death is tragic, and every case is important – but we should be thankful that things seem to be contained.  Pray that it continues. 

2.  The World – New Zealand has gone into lockdown again.  South America remains the new epicenter for the spread of Covid.  Some countries in Europe (France, Spain, Croatia and others) are seeing an increase.  Thankfully cases in Africa remain low (apart from South Africa).  Saudi Arabia has now seen over 300,000 cases.  Sweden is saying that with just a few hundred cases each week and a handful of deaths, Covid has virtually disappeared within their country. 

Australia has authorised the purchase of 25 million vaccines.  Scientists are now more hopeful of having a working vaccine by the beginning of next year.  Meanwhile Israeli scientists are developing a test which simply involves spitting into a vial and getting the results instantly.  It is still at a development stage but if this works it will be a game changer.

A Song of Praise – Only a Holy God  – This beautiful song from City Alight reminds us of what praise really is.  We long to be able to sing in public again!

Prayer:   Our Holy God,

How we miss gathering together to sing your praise. The whole creation was created to praise you – yet now it groans, waiting for our redemption.  Help us as we sing in our hearts or on our own.  And grant, O merciful Father, that we will be able to gather soon in tens, hundreds and thousands, to collectively sing your praise. 

Lord, we thank you for the measure of containment that there has been.  We weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice.   Darkness reigns for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Lord, have mercy,