Prayers:   Matt. 6:9   “This, then, is how you should pray:

“ ‘Our Father in heaven,

Hallowed by your name,

Your Kingdom Come,

Your Will be Done,

On earth as it is in heaven…

Heaven is the place where God’s will is perfectly fulfilled.  It is a place where there is no suffering, sin or Satan.  All tears are wiped away.  Here on earth we cry out to the Lord to bring that will to fruition on earth.  We pray for the Lord to have mercy.  In this vale of tears we are asking the Lord to wipe away all tears (other than tears of joy) and the cause of those tears.  There is no Covid 19 in heaven!

Petition: Please also join with us in praying for:

  1. Spain  – Now has 64,285 cases with 4,940 deaths of people with Covid 19. The hotspot is Madrid where the hospitals are overwhelmed and hundreds are dying every day.
  2. Victoria  – In Australia as a whole there are 3,166 confirmed cases and 13 deaths. In Victoria it is 574 cases and 3 deaths.  As yet there appears to be little community transmission – pray that this would continue and that the physical isolation being practiced would work.        
  3. The Prime Minister – Scott Morrison – who has the tremendous burden of leading the nation though this crisis.  Pray that his faith would remain strong and that he would be given wisdom. 
  4. Churches and Christians who engage in mercy ministry with the poor- especially those involved with food banks – a ministry made all the harder by the physical isolation being practiced.  
  5. For children who have to look after elderly parents and are trying to balance the needs for physical isolation with the needs for social connection.

A Prayer of Repentance: O Lord, how strange it is that we pray to you when we are in need, but forget to do so when we are in plenty.  Teach us through this crisis to realise our need of you at all times.  Enable to use this privilege of prayer more frequently.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:  We bless you, Lord Jesus, that you have not left us alone.   You have sent us your Holy Spirit – to comfort, sustain and guide us.  Thank you that when two or three of us are gathered in our homes in your name, you are with us.   Amen.