Prayers:   Matt. 6:9   “This, then, is how you should pray:

                   “ ‘Our Father in heaven, Hallowed by your name,

Your Kingdom Come

When we pray for this we are praying for two things – firstly we are praying for the end – not an end that the atheist expects for the universe (non existence) nor some kind of apocalyptic destruction – but we are praying for the kingdom where there will be no more suffering, sorrow and sin (Revelation 7).  But the Kingdom of God is already here.  So we are also praying for the Lordship of Christ to be worked out in our lives and in the lives of our communities today. 

Petition: Please also join with us in praying for:

  1. The USA  – The World Health Organisation are expecting the epicenter of the Covid19 virus to move from Europe to the USA within the next couple of weeks. There are now over 66,000 confirmed cases in the USA and 947 deaths – with 200 of those coming from New York.
  2. Tasmania  – There are 34 cases in Tasmania (almost all of them from outside).  The State has in effect shut its borders.  Remember those who are affected by the economic closedown.     
  3. The government’s medical advisors and modelers.  There is much about Covid 19 that is unknown and there are many different projections and advisors.  Pray for wisdom, honesty and good science.
  4. Christian youth leaders – who have the difficult task of continuing their work online and caring for their young people in a time of anxiety and stress.
  5. That each of us would personally know ‘the peace of God which passes all understanding”.

A Prayer of Repentance: O Lord we confess our neglect of you and especially our worship of you.  We have taken our freedoms and blessings so much for granted.  And now that we are not able to meet together in public, we realize how much we have missed.  We repent of our carelessness and negligence and look forward to encouraging one another by meeting together soon.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving:  We bless you Lord that you are not restricted by time and space.  We bless you that your Church is through all ages and in all places.  We bless you for the churches that now meet in our homes and that we can all be connected, not only by technology, but much more by Your Spirit.  May we know His presence and peace. Amen.