Prayers From Psalms

Psalm 5: 1-3 Listen to my words, LORD, consider my lament. 2 Hear my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. 3 In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Is it not an incredible thing that God listens to our words – even when they are laments?  Sometimes not everything is joyful praise – sometimes it is sad lament.  Not only is that ok but God even gives us the words to help us do this!   It’s a good idea for us to get up a wee bit earlier in the morning and wait expectantly for the Lord.   God will answer.

Petition: Please join with us in praying for:

  1. The United Kingdom   – The number of confirmed cases is 207,197 with 31,662 deaths of those with Covid 19.   The UK is now the second hardest hit nation in the world in terms of recorded deaths.    There are now considerable strains with the lockdown and it is expected that Boris Johnson will announce some slight lifting of the restrictions today.  
  2. Western Australia  now has had 552 cases (up 1 from a week ago) with 9 deaths (up 1).  They are relaxing their restrictions.  Australia now has seen 6,929 cases of COVID19 (up 16 in a day). There have been 97 deaths (up 0).  6,135 people have recovered (up 56). 51 are in hospital (19 in ICU).  795,456 people have been tested with 0.9% being positive.
  3. Truck drivers and all transport workers – who continue their vital work to keep the nation fed and clothed!
  4. Vaccine – There are eight human trials for a vaccine under way just now.  Five of them are in China.   
  5. As the national government announces that groups of ten will be allowed to meet in stage 1 of the removal from lockdown, pray that churches would have wisdom how to follow the various stages.

A Prayer of Repentance: Lord God, we confess that sometimes we are not honest before you in our prayers.  We pretend to be joyful and say words that we do not mean.  Help us to be honest and to share with you our disappointments and sorrows.  Enable us to wait before you expectantly.  Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving: Our Father – We bless you that we can pray expecting you to answer because you are the hearer and answerer of prayer.   We thank you there is a throne of grace…may we make much use of the access the blood of Jesus has purchased for us…in his name. Amen.